GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1 announces its second investment.

GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1 announces that it took part in Apps4All’s convertible debt financing round of $250,000 that was completed at the beginning of September 2015.

Apps4All creates an ecosystem which allows members of the mobile technology market to communicate worldwide. Apps4All connects mobile developers, facilitates social networking, promotion campaigns and events, and delivers value to mobile developers and corporations. Recent milestones for Apps4All include acquiring 3,500 developer companies/30,000 individual members; accomplishing 100 successful projects; deploying the Apps4All platform in 5 countries.

Apps4All has embarked on an ambitious programme to grow its business on a global scale. Apps4All has begun its rollout in the US, which will include a localization of its platform and a number of PR events to connect thousands of US-based developers. Apps4All will host DroidCon San Francisco 2015, the largest Android event in the world.

«This new capital injection is of great help to us. It will help fuel our US expansion. We plan to use the proceeds of this round to grow our US staff and developer base. », said Alexander Vasiliev, CEO and co-founder of Apps4All. «This investment matches perfectly with the strategy of our fund. Apps4All has a disruptive and scalable business model, a dedicated team, revenue streams as well as a proven ability to scale internationally.», said Vadim Balashov, Investment Advisor for GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1 L.P.

About GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1
GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1, L.P. aims to realize capital appreciation by investing in early stage companies. The Fund invests in companies that demonstrate a proven technology, a strong team and growing sales revenue. Please visit us at  gvalaunchgurus.vc, or email us at  seedfund@gvalg.com

About Apps4All
Please visit us at apps4all.agency or contact us at avasiliev@apps4all.ru.